Brussel Sprouts


Tonight was my first time experiencing these tasty miniature cabbages.

Seriously… they look just like miniature cabbbages, and they taste like it too!

Brussel sprouts are another one of those foods that they portray as the most disgusting thing ever on kid shows. Like meatloaf in vegetable form. Brussel sprouts are not looked upon very highly. Why else would both Katelyn and Cody say “ewww.. brussel sprouts.. ick” when I mentioned what I was making for dinner tonight? If people generally thought highly of brussel sprouts, wouldn’t we see them on more menus at restaurants?

After my experience tonight, I think the general outlook on brussel sprouts needs to change. They are a tasty veggie, innocent of crimes of the nasty. They are unjustly portrayed as disgusting in our media today. I strongly protest to this!

If it weren’t for forcing myself to try and like every fruit and veggie I can think of (because I am a nutrition major, and that’s what we do!.. or maybe it’s just me..), I would never have tried brussel sprouts. But when I saw those little mini cabbages in the pretty plastic bag at the Walmart, I just knew I had to go on that tastebud adventure. After all, if meatloaf is delicious, why shouldn’t brussel sprouts be?

Tonight I cut five of those little suckers in half, placed them in a pan with some olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper, put the stove on medium, placed a lid on top, and waited about 8 minutes (ocassionally stirring of course).


Don’t mind me. Just wafting the yummy sprouty smells into my nostrils..

Ya’ll they were really good. I am a major veggie lover though… I recommend that you try it atleast once. They’re really healthy… That pretty plastic bag says that they’re “a good source of fiber and an excellent source of vitamin C”! Doesn’t get much better than that.

When you eat them you may look a little something like this:


That look on my face? Just pure happiness is all.

Gosh I am making myself hungry… Might have to go sautee myself some more sprouts!


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