One Perfectly Good Car


You know the feeling when someone trusts you with something you don’t even trust yourself with?

Like when you are in a chem lab at school- they let you use all this expensive equipment that a clumsy person (me) could easily break, plus they give you all these dangerous chemicals that you could dispose of in the wrong wastes or mix together incorrectly and potentially, you know, explode everything… Scary shiznit right there.

Or when your friend who is a videographer asks you to hold their precious $5,000 dollar camera while they run to the bathroom at a party. Your trembling hands can’t be trusted with that expensive equipment! What if you drop it? Or accidentally twist one of the many obscure knobs? That’s a lot of pressure.

Babysitting for the first time- Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what if I break their baby? 

Now you know the feeling I’m talking about? Good.

Being a recently carless kid with very generous and nice parentals, I expereinced the “oh my gosh they’re trusting me with this” feeling just yesterday.

Yes. My parents have allowed me to share the family car for the time being. Have I mentioned my parents drive stick shifts and that my old car Elvis was automatic? It’s quite a switch, but after just two driving lessons around the neighborhood, I was allowed to take the car to town for the day and hang out with my friends (cue hallelujah chorus of independence here).

“One perfectly good car” says my Dad as he hands me the keys.

I honestly don’t think I would’ve let my daughter use the car if I were in their position. But hey! I’m grateful.

Last night, I returned one perfectly good car. No gear grinding or accidents happened. Not saying there wasn’t some interesting adventures and stalling out escapades… But those need not be told of for another few years (except to my mommy of course). I learned so much yesterday. The best way to learn is through experience right?

Maybe it’s good to trust people with a little more than they think they can handle…


6 thoughts on “One Perfectly Good Car

  1. Huh – you can drive stick! No fair I’ve only got a licence to steer since the whole three pedals and two feet thing was a little beyond dyslexia Jen. Good for you.


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