Katelyn is my roommate. She is a good friend, and a good girl.  Sometimes I think she doesn’t do anything wrong… This is not true of course, but she does not struggle with typically deemed “no no’s” in Christian society.

She doesn’t curse

Has never had a sip of alcohol*

Has quite the pure mind

Doesn’t watch R rated movies

You get the idea…

And luckily for me, she is also non-judgemental, because I always end up spilling all my issues to her. For some reason, whenever I’ve done something wrong, I always end up telling Katelyn about it. She doesn’t make me or anything… It’s just that she listens, gives good advice (“Bad Ruth. You shouldn’t do that anymore.”), and still loves me afterwards.

Telling Katelyn what a screwy person I am doesn’t change how she thinks of me. However, disappointing your friend kind of sucks. So, I joke that before I make a decision I contemplate: “What would Katelyn think”. (Because we all know I’m going to tell her about it later.)

It’s a play off of “WWJD: what would Jesus Do?”. Not meant to be sacreligious of course. I just think I’m funny (hardy har har).

And that is how “WWKT?” came to be.

I should make bracelets.



*edit: Katelyn is now 23, and we definitely split a bottle of wine now an again. Hey! We’re legal 🙂 – though it has been 4 years since I wrote this post, I still think, “what would Katelyn think?” before many an activity. 


16 thoughts on “Why WWKT?

  1. While not drinking certainly prevents problems from appearing, drinking in itself isn’t a “Christian no-no.” One of Jesus’s miracles was turning water into wine. The important thing is that you drink in moderation. Past that is where the “no-no” begins.


    • Oh I know it’s not 🙂 Well in some circles it is… But Katelyn is underage and since drinking underage is illegal, she beleives it is wrong for her to do so.
      I’m sorry, I should have clarified; I do not have any problems with drinking in moderation 🙂

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read, think, and comment!


      • Well, that changes things! Lol. I certainly do not condone underage drinking. I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol until I was 23, but that was a personal thing, not religious.

        That’s very funny that your roommate is your paragon of virtue!


        • That’s pretty cool, Marty! Not many people can claim that one haha

          She is just so self controlled and wise! I’m sure glad I went off to college with her by my side- might of gotten in a tad more trouble without her haha :). I like to think it’s an equal give-give relationship though, with both of us helping and encouraging each other. Perhaps I am her paragon of a care-free crazy nut.


  2. Initiator ;-)

    Great to read your About…!and pleasure to visit my blog follow it..!
    Your blog is also nice..hope you will live around me… 😉 with beautiful thoughts..
    Stay happy with your friend..friends are precious like diamond..!


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