Ruthiebob in a Peanutshell




Hello reader of the rambles,

My name is Ruthie!

I love Jesus, friends, and food

Sometimes I speak in the third person

try not to let that throw you off

I blog for my own enjoyment

Sometimes others enjoy it too

(I hope you’re one of those ‘others’)

I am a Clemson graduate


Now a real live grown up

I like to share stories, food adventures, and thoughts about life

Here are some people you may hear me ramble about pretty frequently…


From left to right: Chaela, Abbie, Katelyn, Autumn, and myself


I speak because I can, to anyone I trust enough to listen.” – Laura Marling


116 thoughts on “Ruthiebob in a Peanutshell

  1. I see you are a ruthie rambler too 🙂 I don’t know you but saw your follow and that’s what brought me here. I really enjoyed reading your peanutshell! You seem like a delightful person and I want to echo your words in that life truly is an adventure… always something to discover and you never know what to expect but it helps to go with the flow and put all your trust and hope in the Lord Jesus. He is the best jungle guide and the only way we will make it through!


  2. Hi Ruthie, thanks for following the ‘theeextraaamile’ 🙂 I have a friend called ruth, I call her ruthie lovingly…and now I meet Ruthie :p Good to meet ya, do keep in touch. Which part of the world do you come from? I am Savio btw from India 🙂

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