The Nap Interuption


There are very few things in this world that can wake me up from a nap and make me happy.

Very few things.

My sister, her husband, and my niece and nephews coming over to saw a tree down so they can plant some mushrooms in it is one of those few things.

I’m pretty sure the only other thing that could happily wake me up from a Saturday nap would be Andy Hull coming over to give me a live personal concert.

There was no Andy Hull today, but my sister and her family did come over to pick out a mushroom tree from the woods! Boy was I excited to see those kids. The way they tackle me and go “AUNT POOGLE!!!!!” is just so heart warming.

And you know, picking a mushroom tree is almost as exciting as picking out a Christmas tree. It’s quite the experience.

Hmmm.. I hope in 6 months I can write a post about eating home-grown Shitake mushrooms…

Jeo-Party (Ruth Is Getting Older)


I think I’m growing into an adult.

I used to think being an adult was doing dishes, laundry, and paying your own bills and taxes. But I’ve been doing all that for years now, and I’m still a kid; so that’s certainly not what makes up being an adult!

But tonight I did have the epiphany that I might be getting older.

My day consisted of going to work, starting laundry, going to the gym, heading back home, looking at the clock and thinking, “OMG! IT’S ONLY 6:55!! I’M TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE IT HOME IN TIME TO WATCH WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND JEOPARDY!!”.

And that was my indicator that I might be getting kind of lame.

Or perhaps I’m both fun/carefree/up for anything as well as content with slow nights, and tea, and being alone with myself.

That sounds like a pretty good way to be, pretty rad.  I have certainly not always been okay with slow  nights and being alone with myself- always had to have people to see, somewhere to go… Maybe I like this being an adult thing.

Now you’ll have to excuse me. The dryer’s almost done with its cycle, and I have some warm sweatpants to put on.

The Binder and The Alarm Clock


Every day I set my alarm to 5:20 am.

And then I hit “snooze” about 5 times and start my day at 6:10.

Why? Because there is something I’ve been putting off- something that every night I think to myself, “yeah.. I’ll do that tomorrow before work,” but yet never do. This thing is not a task that is pressing, would take a lot of time, or be very difficult; it’s just something I’ve been putting off. It’s the task of organizing my internship binder (it has all the info and paperwork for my Dietetic Internship in it, and currently it is just overflowing).

Hitting “snooze” 5 times every morning would not be a big issue for someone who lives alone (as long as they make it to work on time, yeah?), but it can be annoyance to others if you cohabitate- e.g. if you are an adult living with your parents, and their bedroom happens to be located directly across the hall from yours.

Conversation my dad had with me today:

“Ruth, what time do you set your alarm for? Just curious.” says Pops.

“… 5:20,” says Ruth, “You’ve already teased me about this once today!”

“Why do you do that? Why don’t you just set it to when you need to get up?”

“Because there are things I hope to do in the mornings that I just don’t end up doing..”

“Well guess what? You can do them now. Right now. DO THEM RIGHT NOW!” says Pops.

“But I don’t want to.. I really don’t want to” *Waah, waah, waah, boohoohoo*

(note: Ruth did not actually cry. That was added for dramatic effect. Pops didn’t actually yell either, but it was still an entertaining convo- I promise.)

Guess who isn’t organizing her binder right now? Guess who is instead writing this blog post, because she finds this all kind of humorous? Guess who has her alarm set for 5:20 am?

This chick.

I hope this doesn’t make me a terrible, ungrateful, and lazy individual… but unfortunately it probably does.

“So, did you set your alarm for 4:00 am tomorrow? teehee” asks Ruth’s Mommy, because she thinks that’d be a funny way to annoy Ruth’s Dad. She sleeps through Ruth’s alarms..

Just be a burrito- It makes everything a lot better.



I was considering writing a post about how life is rugged and death is hard- about how I had a patient at the hospital who was young, and had Leukemia, and he was so sweet and alive and wonderful, and then he died- about how God is good and wonderful even though life is rugged and not the way it should be right now…

I was considering writing a post about how kind people have been to me in life- about how the sweet guests at Ruby Tuesdays used to buy me colorful pens, and write me cards, and draw me pictures and send me Bible verses via text- about how random strangers have shown me the love of Christ (I guess that means they’re my brothers and sisters, yeah?).

But instead of all that sad/deep stuff, I’ve decided to share this video of me and Autumn being burritos; because even though life is rugged and there are plenty of deep things to think about, sometimes it’s great to be with your best friends for life, have a glass of wine, and pretend to be a burrito. Being a burrito is warm and fun and happy. You can be a grateful, contented, happy burrito- even when the world  around you is full of darkness.

Being sad whilst being a burrito is literally impossible.

So for tonight, let’s all be at peace with the Lord who is good (well let’s do that all the time haha), and just be with those we love and be burritos.

Now excuse me while I play charades.

Because Every Pumpkin Deserves a Chance to Be Carved


Even the ones that are kind of ugly.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? And Katelyn and I thought that pepe (pronounced peh-pay) was so ugly that he was beautiful. Just because no one carved him before Halloween, didn’t mean me and Katelyn couldn’t take him home and help him be the jack-o-lantern he was meant to be.


Katelyn showing Pepe some love

We decided he was going to be a Jack-o-lantern in love. I have to say that heart-eyes are not the easiest thing to carve… but it was totally worth it.


Also, check out what we found in Pepe’s insides:



Now Katelyn and I can start a pumpkin selling business! We were very tempted to plant one in her dad’s yard.. but we resisted. Aren’t we such good girls?


Ain’t he handsome?

So go buy yourself a post-Halloween pumpkin and give it a carve! Because every pumpkin deserves a chance to be carved.

Reunited and It Feels So Good




Sometimes you become a grown-up, and you can’t necessarily live in the same town as all the best friends you grew up with (but if you can, go for it am I right).

So if you don’t live in the same town as your best friends, it is very exciting when you finally get to see each other after a really long time.

Autumn and I saw each other today for the first time in about 3 weeks (Yes, I am aware that 3 weeks is not a very long time. But it’s been a long 3 weeks, okay?). So when we saw each other, we ran towards each other and shared a huge hug of course. One of those hugs where you take turns picking each other up. So great.

And of course there was no one hiding in the bushes to take pictures of our beautiful moment.. So we decided to recreate it with the camera on top of her car on a timer.

Very organic and natural.


So happy to be with my bosom friend.

Sad Baby is Sad



I was really looking forward to watching the Pooglets tonight (Pooglets being my newborn niece, and 3 and 6 year old nephews). I imagined we’d play catch outside, create Pinterest inspired crafts, and take adorable photos together: 6 year old Brogan wearing his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask,  3 year old Declan chasing him with a pool noodle, me and baby Bridgy standing in the middle shrugging our shoulders and wearing casual smiles. The sun would be shining, the grass would be green, and the caption would read “a great day being babysat by Aunt Poogle”.

This was not exactly how everything turned out though..

It was more like team effort trying to comfort baby Bridgy, combined with me trying to keep the boys from eating the middles out of an entire loaf of bread.

Baby really has great temperament most of the time. I rarely hear her cry; she lets out small grunts whenever she’s hungry or needs to poop. Sometimes she makes really pissed-off faces, but they are usually unaccompanied by whining; and most of the time she’s a total smiley laughter-filled kid.

Thing is, baby Bridgy really likes to eat. Often. And from boobs.

Brogan, Declan and I do not have milk producing boobs. Not a one of us; though supposedly mine could have capacity for such things in the future.

Katie and Nick (AKA Mom & Dad) had provided us with some pumped milk and a bottle. But Bridgy is not a fan of the whole bottle thing- bottle is not equal to boobs.

To be honest, it took me and the boys extensive Googling before figuring out how to assemble the bottle in the first place. As a 21 year old, I am quite ashamed to admit this.. Those suckers are confusing, though! And the directions suck. They make no sense, and Google wasn’t much help either. I basically had to toy around a lot to figure it out (while holding a screaming, flailing baby, mind you!).

All parents should make their youngest kids take home ec.. There is so much to learn.

All ended up okay though. Bridgy drank half a bottle of milk, and screamed enough to exhaust herself to sleep.

“Do you think she’s okay, Brogan? Have you ever seen her this upset??” – Me

“Oh yeah! Even more!” – Brogan

Guess I’m not a failure!

All in all, we all had fun! Except Bridgy. Poor, sad baby!

Sometimes real life, with its singing your favorite songs to your crying niece while your nephews see just how much jelly they can put on a PB&J, is better than your idealized time playing catch in your perfectly manicured lawn.

I hope Katie and Nick don’t freak out too much when they read this.. Don’t worry guys, I know how to assemble a bottle now: press the nipple up into the cap, screw cap onto the bottle, pop the top level of the cap off. Bam!


Picture that Declan took of me and the (finally) sleeping baby. We’ll make a photographer of that 3 year old yet!