Once upon a time, I made a promise to myself that I would never be ‘bored’ again.

Now, I’m sure that everyone is guilty of breaking promises. I’m sure I’ve broken plenty in my day, (‘Dad, I promise if you get me a little poodle puppy I will feed him and water him and be the one to take care of him every day!’ – 6 yr old Ruthie. Didn’t happen).  But I don’t think I’ve broken the ‘never bored again’ promise yet.

When I was a kid, I felt ‘bored’ all the time. I made sure not to alert my mom to this, because she’d ask me to clean my room; but internally, any time of monotony I was wishing was spent with friends, becoming a celebrity on Disney channel, or falling in love with the boy of my dreams and going to the ice skating rink with him. Time to myself to relax and refocus? How terrible!

But then college hit.

And school got harder for me.

And the social life got crazy.

And I started working a job.

And then two.

And then three.

And it was at that point I made the promise, ‘I will never feel bored again’. Because any unplanned moment  I had to myself was a true miracle.

It’s slightly stupid to make a promise based on feelings. I’d say that to a degree, feelings are impossible to control. But somehow the hectic-ness of previous parts of life still leave me truly enjoying each open moment or afternoon I come across, where I have no specific plans at all. Perhaps I’ll read my Bible and have a mug of peppermint tea. Perhaps I’ll take a walk. Perhaps I’ll play 2048 online. Perhaps take a funny photo and text it to Katelyn. – It’s a blessing.

Today I walked in circles outside and made some pasta out of green lentil noodles. Afternoon well spent.

It’s hard sometimes to balance the busy-ness and the monotony — I feel that perhaps it’s about striving to serve the Lord with your life, knowing that time to recharge and refocus on Him is crucial/attempting to plan accordingly, trusting that He can get you through everything you face, and enjoying the little moments of rest that come throughout the day (e.g. beautiful sunrise over the river on the drive to work, enjoying an afternoon pudding cup). That’s all the wisdom I’ve gained so far on it 🙂

Here’s to enjoying all seasons of life and to putting an end to making promises that aren’t keepable.


On Internet Discretion and Privacy


I’ve received some very brilliant advice in my time – some of which I’ve listened to, some of which I’ve ignored… but much brilliant-ness nevertheless. I cannot think of all the good tid-bits I’ve heard; I’m getting old and crusty you see.. Everything is starting to just blend together. However, a good piece of advice I received a little over a year ago came to mind recently, and I really think it’s worth sharing with you, darling reader. You see, the reason I was reminded of it is because I came across someone who had obviously not heard it before. That advice is to be careful how you display yourself online.

Did you know that your social media is public to the world unless you make it not so?

Were you aware that your stamp on the internet could get you into trouble in many respects: ruin getting the job you want, making it into grad school, your potential to go out on that hot date (their friends are going to try and Facebook stalk you, dude).

Watch what you put online!

Millennials are taking over the working world! That means that I am on the team reviewing your job and school applications! I know how to determine if you are a stupid-head: look online!

Yes. I saw your Facebook profile pic where you’re snowboarding nude. I am now going to have to tell my team that per your ‘public online profile’ you appear to lack judgement. Sorry bro. That ain’t smart.

Now look. I’m all for being a dork. I’m all for being yourself on your personal social media. Let other’s know you are a real human with real human flaws, feelings, and problems – that’s a beautiful thing. Let yourself shine!

But there is something called ‘Privacy Settings’, use them, or else I will see your written word rap vids from 2010. And I will judge you. Perhaps wrongfully so; but nevertheless, I’m sure I will – I’m human, I’m flawed.

Facebook has this beautiful thing called a ‘restricted list’. It is wonderful for when you need to be friends with someone you want to keep a strictly professional relationship with — add people to this list and they will only see what you post as ‘public’, not what you post for friends only. I use this so the president of my field’s largest professional organization doesn’t see the picture I posted last week of myself looking cross-eyed at a strawberry; because let’s be real, that’d be a tad embarrassing. I also don’t exactly want my boss to see my selfies from 10th grade… or my patients if they decide to look me up online, talk about loss of rapport!

So anyways, I’m sorry for the rant. I don’t always excel in this area (for goodness sake, look at this blog I have); just salty because I found out a seemingly nice candidate for *** lacks judgement, responsibility, and professionalism. I will now have to red flag him for it; who wants to do that?!? So mean. Ignorance is bliss, what me or your future boss doesn’t know won’t hurt. So keep posting those duck-faced selfies and ‘what celebrity do I look like?’ quizzes, just set up those privacy settings and make sure to add me to your restricted list if I’m going to be reviewing your application for anything 🙂

Because You Can’t Be Boring and Have a Frog-Retainer; Those Are Mutually Exclusive


I’ve had this blog for 5 years now…

At times, I’ve been a heavy poster. At other times, I’ve been a little incognito (and then my Grandma reminds me to post more often).

The fun thing for me about having a blog since freshman year of college is going back and reading what I wrote — getting a glimpse of my old thoughts/struggles or reliving great memories; my ‘drafts’ section is a great place for that too. Funny thing is, many of my posts are about slowly becoming an adult, trying to figure out what to do with my future, aspiring to always be young at heart & carefree. And now I think I’ve finally reached it. I’m an adult. I have a 9-5 job that I can support myself with, I have a 401k plan, I’m saving for my next car, I get sleepy early, and I think I might not be quite as exciting or adventurous as I used to be…

But then I have to take a moment to remember. I sit on an exercise-ball as my office chair. I still take random trips to Asheville and sometimes go to Waffle House late at night. Sometimes my co-workers and I take little breaks to stand on our heads in the office (just to get the brain-juices flowing). I can now give more to organizations that do impactful things. I am learning much and am able to help many people with my job. I still wear my retainer sometimes, and it is lime green with pink polka dots (looks like a frog); how can someone with a frog-retainer be boring? It’s impossible, truly. Yeah.. I’m a grown-up now, but I’m a grown up my freshman college self would probably be pretty proud of.

Now to keep growing and to stay that way 🙂

Because I’m Practically a Mechanic


In the English language there are many words that have more than one meaning; these words are called ‘homonyms’ (I had to google that *cough*). Some examples of homonyms: kind, can, mean, bark, current, tire, lie, rose, spring (I may have googled some of those too.)

Another example of a homonym is the word ‘strut’, though it’s probably not as well known.

If you are like me, when you hear the word ‘strut’, you think of walking really confidently perhaps with your hips swaying side to side. Used in a sentence: ‘Man, that girl really knows how to strut her stuff!’

But there is actually another meaning for the word. It’s a car part.

How does a young lady like myself have such great knowledge of car parts?

Well, perhaps it is because I’m practically a mechanic, OR perhaps I’ve had the delightful and memorable experience of my struts being out of commission.

If it weren’t such a frightening experience, it would be a very exhilarating one. Driving with non-functioning struts feels kind of like riding a Hawaiian rollercoaster ride. It’s a really good time, especially when you’re going over a speed bump or driving very fast around the Atlanta bypass! You will never be tempted to doze off on your morning drive to work, no sir!

Here I was going to take a moment to explain what a strut was… But I’ve realized I don’t have the technical knowledge to do that. My understanding is that they are like shock absorbers for cheaper cars. If you need further explanation you can follow this link – seemed legit to me.

Now just because having broken struts is kind of fun, doesn’t mean you should remove them from your car, or not get them fixed if they mess up. Evidently it’s very bad for your tires. Not saying I learned that from experience, but… you know…

They should be covered under a 3-year warranty; also something I may or may not have learned from experience.

We will refrain from getting into how my struts messed up in the first place – perhaps a story for another time 🙂





What All the Other Kids Missed Out On


As a kid, it’s easy to think that everyone has the same life-experiences, thoughts, and outlook as you do.

For instance, when I was a kid, I thought that everyone listened to the Beach Boys, memorized the Westminster Shorter Catechism in Sunday School, and went to their Grandma’s house every Thursday.

Thursday was Grandma day.

A holiday from homeschool.

I’d walk to my Grandma’s house around 10 or 11 am.

Grandma and Grandpa would load me and my cousins into their big white van that only had 2 bucket seats up front.

We’d go to the dump, all the while singing the ‘To The Dump’ song.

“To the dump

to the dump

to the dump dump dump

to the dump

to the dump

to the dump dump dump

to the dump

to the dump

to the dump dump dump

to the DUMP

to the dump dump dump”

Then we’d go to Mi Rancho for lunch (Mi Rancho is a Mexican restaurant in my home town). Karlee would get chicken tenders and fries. What a weirdo.

Then we’d go back to grandma and grandpa’s house to build really cool forts in the woods!

Somewhere in the day we’d always make a box cake.. no icing though. That’s too complicated.

We would usually also play our favorite game, which consisted of us all pelting Grandma’s beanie baby collection at each other.


Now that I’m a little more grown, I understand that everyone is different with different perspectives and life experiences… not everyone memorized that the chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. Some people don’t run around their living rooms yelling/singing & dancing to “Catch a Wave”… But I do find it kind of saddening that not everyone got to experience Grandma day. It was the best.

Maybe this gave you a little taste.

P.S. If you’re ever walking through the woods at my grandparents house, be very careful where you step. One of the forts we built was a biigg hole with a plywood trap door over top — it’s most likely rotten now and full of snakes & spiders 🙂

It’s the 25th, but I don’t know what to say


I promised my Grandma I’d write every 10th and every 25th.. But tonight I don’t know what to say.

To be honest, I’m tired. I’m confused about some things.  I wanted to write about my memories of my great Aunt Bobby. I wanted to write about Katelyn moving up  to Greenville and all of us visiting her..

But tonight I will instead write about how  I don’t feel like I can do any of this justice right now – and I want to talk to Katelyn on the phone.

So I’ll write 3  posts this month 🙂



What I’m Looking for In a Marriage


Looking for someone who can handle this.

As a 22 year old female, I can’t help but occasionally have the thought of marriage cross my mind.

Okay – that’s an unfair statement. I’m sure there are 22 year old females who do not think of marriage at all. But the thing is, I’m a 22 year old female who is ME. And I do have hopes to get married one day and have kids or something.

Through my minimal experience of living life, dating, making friends, and talking to people, I’ve come up with a nice long mental list of qualities I am not looking for in a marriage partnership and a nice short list of things I am.  Call me jaded if you’d like – you wouldn’t be far off. I’m not about to type out that mental list for you, because that would be embarrassing, and honestly probably some of it is prideful and wrong and unrealistic and isn’t deserving of being typed out in real words to be remembered forever.

But the other day, I did see something that captured what I’m looking for should I ever get married. Captured the good and true and honest of what I’m looking for. And I’d like to share it with you.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was up in Greenville visiting my wonderful friend Hosanna. She had recently started going to a new church, and we were invited to go to lunch at a sweet older lady’s house.

We went. It was nice. The food was good. There were multiple older people, 60+, and then me and Hosanna. Everyone was very sweet. We talked of chickens and coops, how college campuses seem so dangerous these days, and of various Bible studies in the church.

The conversations kept going on, and somehow the topic came up of how a certain couple in the group had met. The husband was a tall sweet white-haired man with light blue eyes. He was a retired Doctor, wheelchair bound in his older age.

“It really is a great story I think. If you don’t mind me sharing it,” said the Husband.

“Oh yes, please do,” said the rest of us.

And so he began to tell us a story of when he was in medical school in Charleston. He was dating a girl and she broke up with him, because she felt convicted that she was a Christian and he was not and they were unequally yoked. She threw a bunch of Bible verses at him. His pride was hurt, because he went to church on occasion as a kid, he wasn’t any other religion so he must be a Christian, and because he didn’t know if any of the Bible verses she was spewing at him were really in the Bible. So he went home and searched for his old, rarely looked at Bible, and he read multiple verses and chapters and started to feel convicted. And then months later he went to his parents house, and he went upstairs to where he knew his dad had a shelf of Christian books, and he began reading one by Billy Graham. And he thought to himself ‘this is so dumb’, but he couldn’t stop reading. And then the last chapter talked about the Roman’s road and had a little sinners prayer. And he believed. And he felt like all the weight of the world came off his shoulders. And he realized that though he thought he was the smartest most brilliant med student in the world, he was really just a sinner who needed Jesus.

“I was so prideful, and thought I was so smart.. But God saved me,” said the Husband.

“And here I was thinking you were going to tell the story of how we met,” said his wife with tears in her eyes.

And then he proceeded to tell a brief, but cute, story about how he and his wife met at a campus ministry event at med school.

And that is a little picture of the spirit of the marriage I can only hope to have one day.