Because Highschoolers Don’t Budget (Unless You’re The One and Only Josh)



You are not the same Ruth from high school,” says Katelyn after I explain my very detailed budget to her.

That got me thinking.

True, Ruth from high school was quite a care-free sort. She didn’t care about money. She didn’t care about school. She just cared about her friends, hanging out at Dunkin’ Donuts, ballet, and Jesus. Evidently people thought she was high all the time. That wasn’t the case; she was just very happy.


Me in highschool

I’m glad that I’m a wiser person now. Being smart with your finances, knowing your reasons for thinking certain things, and communicating effectively are qualities that are very important to me now that may not have mattered to me very much 7 years ago.

But there are some things I really admire about myself from highschool – some characteristics I would really like to not lose, but I can feel ebbing away as I become a slightly jaded adult.

Love and excitedness about everyone

Joy and thankfulness for all the little things (Sunsets. The Beach. Sleepovers. Sitting by friends at church)

Trust in the Lord to take care of my future, instead of myself

No huge desire to seek out the American dream – wanting to be a hippie on the beach for the rest of  all days


Now granted, I am definitely seeing my past self through some tainted lenses. I had my struggles then as well – quite a needy, selfish, self-conscience individual I was (and still am). But who I am now and what I face are quite different  from back then – and what I face is the potential for luke-warmness and apatheticness with a career through which I can live very comfortably.

Not saying that careers are bad. Not saying that money is bad. Not saying that I am not grateful for these things.

But I am saying that I want to observe the beautiful sunrises on my way to work and say “Thank you God for your beautiful creation”. I want to love everyone I meet. I want to spread the gospel. I want to keep trying new things. And I want to be willing to give up anything I gain for the furthering of the kingdom.

The only way is to pray, stay in the word, and seek His face.

Let’s all stay childlike amd joyful (but not childish. Keep your budget. Listen to Dave Ramsey.)



What say you?

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