I Give The Best Birthday Presents



Michael turned 23 a few weeks back. And because last year we totally forgot to make him a Taylor Swift 22 music video, this year we just had to make him a birthday parody of Mike WiLLMade It and Miley Cyrus’ song 23. Ours is much more appropriate – I definitely do not endorse you watching the original (note: Michael chose the song, not us).

Lyrics were written at midnight (which is super late for grown ups like me and Chaela); I think late night silliness is super helpful for parody writing. Video was filmed from 7:30-9:00 am at our church – the pastor pulled in right as we were leaving… It was slightly hard to explain ourselves. Chaela’s high quality camera’s battery died mid-film, so we have bits of low-quality Ruthie camera shots intermixed.

Wild-Cherry Pepsi is Michael’s favorite, but Chaela and I don’t drink soda, so it all went to him. Lucky duck getting 2 presents.

We recorded the song in my dad’s music studio while he was on vacation. I have never received such clear instructions from him in my life, and it was over the phone! I enjoyed that bonding experience.

Katelyn is pretty much the best music guy/recorder you will ever meet.

This video is a little to embarrassing to post to Facebook, but I’m way too proud not to share it because it’s freaking awesome. And I spent a lot of time on it. So people who read my blog, you are the lucky ones who get to see this. You and Michael… we showed him too..

Side note: this is an impromptu post while I am at camp as a counselor and on time off. We just finished staff training, and tomorrow our first campers come!!! Could I write an entire post on staff training and how wonderful it was and how amazing everyone here is and how organized and intentional camp is and how wonderful and lasting an impact they have on so many underpriveleged and differently abled individuals??? Yes. I could write a whole post on that. But I don’t think my words could encapsulate everything. It would be like trying to take a picture of the moon or the curvature of the earth or a Clemson sunset. So instead I am choosing to show you the music video. Maybe next week I’ll try and reflect and give you an accurate depiction of what it’s like to be here and the growth that is going on in my heart. But as it is, this will have to do.

Much love,



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