For My Grandma


This one goes out to her, because she made me feel pretty special the other day.

You know, it doesn’t take very much to make someone feel very special. Usually all it takes is taking  a moment to show a little honest care for them.

What my Grandma said to me was this:

“When are you going to write in that blog of yours again? You haven’t written anything lately  have you? I always love reading them!”

Dawww, Grandma! That is heart warming!!!

I haven’t written anything in a very long time. To be honest, as I become more of a professional adult, I can’t fight the feeling that I shouldn’t put so much of myself out there – that I should keep my silliness and insecurities for just me and close friends and try to keep my exterior very put together and edgy. That I should stop posting on my goofy blog. But goodness knows my accomplishing this goal isn’t going very well. Me edgy and put together? No, not quite.

Me responsible? Yes.

Me organized? Most of the time.

Me diligent? Definitely.

But I never want to lose the sense of wonderment for life, or of having fun, or of being a relatable human being who sometimes has problems too. I’m the girl who lost $1000 in a sock and thought she donated it to the Salvation Army for goodness sake!

And I think having a blog helps keep me grounded and humble and who I want to be as a person (unless you start complimenting me to much. Then my blog will fill my big fat vain ego. You’d better keep any compliments to yourself, only my grandma can say those things). So even though I’m nervous and slightly insecure about putting my weird self out there again, I’m going to start posting bi-weekly. Bi-weekly is a stupid sounding word – but y’all, once a month makes me too infrequent, and my busy sometimes uninspired self cannot handle once a week.

I guess I should do some dorky pattern where I post on certain days of the month because those numbers are significant. How about I post the 10th and 25th of every month, because those numbers are very dividable and remind me of how edgy and put-together I am as a person.

My first “official” bi-weekly post will be on Saturday. I better make it good.

Sorry this post isn’t full of actual content, Grandma. I won’t let you down this summer!

Note: Autumn is also very encouraging and sweet and makes me feel very special. She has been telling me to post for months. She has my blog as a tab on her Google Chrome and checks it sometimes. I don’t want her to feel like her encouragement isn’t appreciated and effective – but everyone knows grandma encouragement is the trump card, right?


6 thoughts on “For My Grandma

  1. Listen to Grandma. She knows people enjoy your writing. As for a blog not being “adult” – I think we all need some silliness, and we all need an outlet. Write whatever you want, whenever you want – we’ll all read your posts.

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