Palentine’s Day


You know how to freak out  your single girl-friend really good? Say this:

Hey Chaela! There are these two guys that want to take us out for Valentine’s day. I told them we’d go with them. They’re really excited. They want to dress up, wear ties, pay for us, all that stuff.”

I’m a very friendly person. She very much beleived I accepted a double Valentine’s date for us from two random strangers.

Ruth! No… Oh Ruth. Wha.. How old are they? What were you thinking?!?”

“They’re 4 and 7! They want to take us to Chick-Fil-A!”

Chaela and I had a wonderful Valentine’s with my nephews Brogan and Declan. Those boys got us chocolates, flowers, and hand-drawn pictures. We had stimulating  conversation about what our favorite letters of the alphabet are (‘S’ because the word ‘slinky’ starts with it. ‘Y’ because it’s a vowel AND a consonent). 

We even went to ice cream after dinner! Both boys decided to get the blue and green ice creams mixed together (A.K.A. cotton candy & mint) with tasty mix-ins such as Reesies peices and M&Ms. Note: this combo is not as disgusting as it sounds. I taste-tested.

I’ve had some really really wonderful Valentine’s days in my time, but I have to say this one with friends and nephews might be the best yet.


“I’m wearing a tie, because we’re going on a date!”


3 thoughts on “Palentine’s Day

  1. This is absolutely adorable. What tremendous gentlemen your nephews are. I so much loved reading about this valentine (palentine) double date. The flowers, the neckties, the pictures are all so priceless! 🙂


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