If You Wanted to Gift Me with a PS3 so I can Play Lots of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, I Wouldn’t Say No…


Tonight I have a hankering to play video games.

Final Fantasy.

Kingdom Hearts.

(I should list a lot more video games right here to make myself look super cool, but in all honesty these are the extent of the video games that I play… But I like Final Fantasy X AND XII . And I like Kingdom Hearts 1 AND 2. And I’m sure I’d like all the other versions of these games if I wasn’t too cheap to purchase a new gaming console).

There is a reason I have not hooked up my PS2 to the TV at this house yet… It’s because I know myself. I know my propensity to sit and play games for hours, not showering or seeing my friends or taking care of my responsibilities.

I’m kind of like a teenager with a new love interest- except instead of lots of showering and shaving and make-up wearing, I allow myself to become a stinky woolly mammoth of sorts.

Video games are dangerous for a person like me.

So although I have this hankering, I must resist. This is not a time in my life where I can afford to me absorbed in a fantasy world- there are taxes to be done, laundry to be put away, and people to LOVE and share JESUS with gosh darn it.

But by the time I move somewhere new, perhaps I will have grown in my self control and will allow myself to hook up my PS2 and kick some Guado BUTT!!!


What say you?

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