Since When Did Middle Schoolers Get So Cool?


Why don’t I see 13 year old girls with dorky braces, zits, and bad fashion sense any more?

Since when did girls start going straight from elementary school to Heidi Klum fashion models?

I mean it’s cool and all. Good for them! Wear that make-up, be all cute, be mature and smart and stuff (BUT FOR GOODNESS SAKES DON’T GROW UP TOO FAST AND GUARD YOUR HEART FROM CHARMING BOYS WHO MAKE YOU THINK THEY LOVE YOU BUT REALLY ARE JUST GOING TO HURT YOU *cough*).

Please just don’t grow up too fast, and don’t forget to have nice innocent fun, okay? I’m in my 20s, and that’s what I’m still doing!

Seriously though ya’ll, it’s just that me and all my friends definitely went through an “awkward phase”, both socially and physically, right around middle school. I’m pretty sure weird, strange, confusedness is natural from the ages of 11-14 or so. I’m quite curious where everyones’ awkward phases went..

Did they disappear when everyone started getting cell phones?

Does cell phone radiation zap zits, cause teeth to be straight, and reduce social incompetence?

It’s possible my friends, it’s possible.

But I think a little phase of awkward weird middle school in everyone’s life is a healthy and wonderful thing. So here’s to me not giving my future children cell phones until they’re old enough to drive!

Here’s also to Chaela and Abbie for making the very cool meme at the beginning of the post. Note: Chaela and Abbie are the top picture of the meme, not the bottom. They, like me, are unashamed of their middle school awkwardness of the past.

The awkwardness made us who we are now.


Ruth in middle school. Oh, and hey look, it’s Abbie again!


HEY! Feel free to share Abbie and Chaela’s pic up there and make them internet famous. They’d so love that.


2 thoughts on “Since When Did Middle Schoolers Get So Cool?

    • Oh they certainly did grow up to be very fine people 🙂 And I think they put that little photo together to make a point. I think it’s a little scary how quickly we let kids “grow up” (this coming from a fairly young woman with no children, haha). Those awkward in-between- years were pretty special for me personally. I hope kids right now aren’t losing that.

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