The Binder and The Alarm Clock


Every day I set my alarm to 5:20 am.

And then I hit “snooze” about 5 times and start my day at 6:10.

Why? Because there is something I’ve been putting off- something that every night I think to myself, “yeah.. I’ll do that tomorrow before work,” but yet never do. This thing is not a task that is pressing, would take a lot of time, or be very difficult; it’s just something I’ve been putting off. It’s the task of organizing my internship binder (it has all the info and paperwork for my Dietetic Internship in it, and currently it is just overflowing).

Hitting “snooze” 5 times every morning would not be a big issue for someone who lives alone (as long as they make it to work on time, yeah?), but it can be annoyance to others if you cohabitate- e.g. if you are an adult living with your parents, and their bedroom happens to be located directly across the hall from yours.

Conversation my dad had with me today:

“Ruth, what time do you set your alarm for? Just curious.” says Pops.

“… 5:20,” says Ruth, “You’ve already teased me about this once today!”

“Why do you do that? Why don’t you just set it to when you need to get up?”

“Because there are things I hope to do in the mornings that I just don’t end up doing..”

“Well guess what? You can do them now. Right now. DO THEM RIGHT NOW!” says Pops.

“But I don’t want to.. I really don’t want to” *Waah, waah, waah, boohoohoo*

(note: Ruth did not actually cry. That was added for dramatic effect. Pops didn’t actually yell either, but it was still an entertaining convo- I promise.)

Guess who isn’t organizing her binder right now? Guess who is instead writing this blog post, because she finds this all kind of humorous? Guess who has her alarm set for 5:20 am?

This chick.

I hope this doesn’t make me a terrible, ungrateful, and lazy individual… but unfortunately it probably does.

“So, did you set your alarm for 4:00 am tomorrow? teehee” asks Ruth’s Mommy, because she thinks that’d be a funny way to annoy Ruth’s Dad. She sleeps through Ruth’s alarms..


What say you?

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