Love Biscuits


*This post written by Abbie*

So, my boyfriend Cody came and visited me last weekend. This is a big deal as we haven’t seen each other for a few weeks and really missed each other. It was Sunday morning, and we had planned on hanging out all day together before we separated ways (I had to work a wedding all day on Saturday). I thought, “How can I be an awesome girlfriend this morning? I know, I will make him some biscuits!” (Cooking is a big deal for me…)

I looked through my supplies: Bisquick (LOL you thought I was making this from scratch?!), milk? Hmmm. I have almond milk…good enough!, biscuit cutter? I found one in the shape of a heart (bonus points!!!!!), recipe? Let’s see what good ‘ole Betty (Crocker) has to say about making biscuits!

Well naturally Betty wanted me to use a lot of butter. She said she wanted me to chunk up a stick of butter and lightly toss it with a fork in bisquick… I don’t know, I was really confused. I ended up just trying to squish up the butter because I wasn’t trying to fry butter or anything! I then added some almond milk, mixed it some, then dumped it on a wax sheet and smushed it all down. I was using the heart cutter and putting them on the sheet when Cody knocked on the door. I told him I wasn’t opening the door yet (I didn’t want to ruin the surprise!!) I quickly finished up and threw them in the oven and hid the evidence (kind of).

I had set a timer on my iPhone for 9 minutes (as suggested) and opened the door. He was curious about the surprise awaiting him. After a few minutes of talking, I wanted to check on the ‘big surprise’ with a minute or two before they were supposed to be done.

OH NO!! They look like they are burning! I quickly open the oven to pull them out; I didn’t have a mitt to take them out so I was attempting to pull them out with a hand towel, but I had quickly shoved them in the back earlier. In my rush, I burned myself and said the kind version of bad words. Then as that happened the fire alarm went off!! As I was yelling trying to open the door to air out the room, my stupid Twinkle alarm on my phone went off….

Well. After yelling random things and bickering I finally got the biscuits out of the oven. They were more like bricks than biscuits, but I still didn’t want to give up on my efforts. I put some on a plate for Cody with some butter and jelly. Cody, being the sweet person he is, said they didn’t look too bad. Then I turned them around…. And he died laughing. He appreciated the gesture…


Well friends, the morale of the story is that substitutions don’t work very well. Even Bisquick biscuits are hard…but it’s the thought that counts!





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