The One Where They Slept in a Krispy Kreme Parking Lot



Once upon a November 1st,

A Krispy Kreme was scheduled to have its grande opening at 6 am. The first 100 in line would receive a dozen donuts each month for a year! So, Chaela and Ruthie decided they were going to be some of those hundred people, if at all possible!

They began planning- they would spend the night, wear their Halloween costumes, pass out candy, set up a tent, bring lots of food, have clothes for work the next day, etc. They planned to leave immediately after work on Halloween day.

4:30 Halloween came and Ruth began the 30 minute drive to Chaela’s to get suited up before Krispy Kreme.

“Expect traffic delays on Whiskey Road today! The new Krispy Kreme opens up tomorrow, and lines are already forming!” Declared the radio station Ruthie was listening too.

She freaked out. OMG we are not going to make the first 100!! She sped the rest of the way to Chaela’s.

But they did make it. They showed up at 6pm, and were numbers 24 and 25 in line. And by 10 pm, there were only 35 people in line. But Ruth, Chaela, and those 35 people had a grand ol’ time- there was a dj, and dancing, and free pizza! And those 35 people sure did get a lot of Halloween candy, because Ruth and Chaela had planned for a larger crowd than that.

Chaela and Ruthie were the only ones in Halloween costumes and they only ones with a tent- so they felt pretty cool. The Aiken Standard newspaper thought they were pretty cool too… There may be some embarrassing photos of them out there on the internet. Ruthie’s not telling.


Also, Ruthie and Chaela know how to put up a tent by themselves, in case you were wondering. So don’t assume they can’t just because they are cute girls in heels. Okay? Thanks.

The girls got 4 hours of wonderful sleep in their tent, and were able to obtain their dozen donuts a month for a year (SUCCESS!). So if you are in need of donuts, they may be the girls to ask. And if you ever need someone to make your slightly boring event more fun, they might be the girls to ask.


What say you?

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