Reunited and It Feels So Good




Sometimes you become a grown-up, and you can’t necessarily live in the same town as all the best friends you grew up with (but if you can, go for it am I right).

So if you don’t live in the same town as your best friends, it is very exciting when you finally get to see each other after a really long time.

Autumn and I saw each other today for the first time in about 3 weeks (Yes, I am aware that 3 weeks is not a very long time. But it’s been a long 3 weeks, okay?). So when we saw each other, we ran towards each other and shared a huge hug of course. One of those hugs where you take turns picking each other up. So great.

And of course there was no one hiding in the bushes to take pictures of our beautiful moment.. So we decided to recreate it with the camera on top of her car on a timer.

Very organic and natural.


So happy to be with my bosom friend.


What say you?

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