Sometimes I’m a Behind


And oftentimes when I am, I am brought low real quick.

Tonight I was in a rush- a big hurry, and I was snappish. It was 5:30, I had come straight from sleeping in a tent outside for 4 hours, to work, to home to shower, and I was supposed to meet my friend Maurane for a nice dinner at 6:00. My Dad knocks on the door to my room. I’m half dressed, soaking wet hair, contacts out, no make-up.

“What?” says Ruth.

“Can I open the door?” says Dad.

“No.” says Ruth. “I’m kind of in a hurry”

“Okay. I’m in my bra, but a guess it doesn’t matter”

*Ruth opens door*

*Dad gives Ruth a 20 dollar bill*

“Have fun tonight!”

“Aww, Dad, thank you. I’m sorry I’m so mean sometimes” says Ruth.

“Oh, it’s okay!” says Dad.

What a nice man! He knew I was worried about how much money my fancy dinner would cost, and he wanted to help me out. And he was totally cool with me being such a butt. That must mean I’m a butt to him altogether too much.

It’s pretty easy to mistreat the people you live with. You know, the people who see you through everything but still love you and take care of you. I’m very guilty of that and very humbled this evening.

And just yesterday he washed my car…

So when you’re an a** sometimes, prepare to be humbled. That’s what always happens to me anyways.


What say you?

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