Jump Around at Work


Exercise balls are the bomb-diggity.

I have a long History of being fond of exercise balls- starting with taking some Big Ball Pilates at the Family Y back when I was in high school

And then I brought my own exercise ball to college and had a lot of fun with that:

But for all my History of exercising with exercise balls, I had very little experience with exercise balls in the workplace.

That is until now!

Y’all, I have spent the last two weeks working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, whilst sitting on an exercise ball at my desk.

It’s been so great! My posture has been wonderful, my back and neck don’t feel cramped, and when I start to feel restless I can just start bouncing up and down. (Note: if you share an office with someone, bouncing up and down can be minimally distracting to them..)

Another wonderful thing about using an exercise ball as an office chair is that people love to come talk to you about it. What a wonderful conversation starter! For you people who like to be left alone: don’t you worry. Just avoid bouncing up and down when people are walking past your office, and no one will be any the wiser.

Hope everyone has a great time improving their core strength and posture at the office!




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