The Lost Hug


For a while there, Autumn and I lost our hug.

Did my arms go above hers or below? Who turned their faces which direction? Did I stand on my tip-toes so my boobs rested on top of Autumn’s, or the other way around?

The hug was lost; the spark was gone, and we didn’t know what to do.

Did we still love each other? Well of course!

Did we still have great meaningful conversation and share all of life’s great adventure with one another? Yes. And we’ll never stop.

But somehow, every time we would have a “moment” and want to cap it off with a good hug- we’d have an awkward pause. An awkward, where is our “perfect hug?”

But somewhere along the way, we found it. I don’t know when or how it happened, y’all, but it did. And our hugs are magical.

And I can’t tell you whose arms go on top of whose, or who is on tip-toes, or who bends knees. I think it probably changes every time! All I really know is it’s beautiful, and that I could really use an Autumn hug right now.

But she is in Clemson and I am in Aiken. So we’ll just have to wait until this weekend.

I love you, Spencie!



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