Look Down, Look Busy, Look Pissed.


Autumn’s advice for how to keep people (*cough* creepy guys ) from talking to you.

I’m afraid that I am no expert on how to keep creepy guys from talking to me…

“Look down, look busy, look pissed” works very well for Autumn. I, on the other hand, try it for the “look down, look busy” part, fumble the “look pissed”, and end up looking up, making eye contact, and smiling a little bit.

I think “look up, make eye contact, smile a little bit” is the motto for how to get creepy guys to talk to you.

Try Autumn’s method once or twice, it might just work for you. But if you are like me, and you just can’t go through with it, try my new method: “stare, maintain eye contact, smile REAL big.”

They’ll be too scared to talk to you.

Or there’s always Jenna Marbles’ advice:


Truth is, you and I could probably stand to talk to most guys we deem “creepy”.. They’re probably pretty nice. Having a conversation with someone is not the end of the world, it could be fun! Just don’t lead them on, agree to see them again, give them your number, give them your last name or anything like that- unless of course you’re actually interested in getting to know them better.

If they’re really trying to mess with you though, give them the face, smile real big, do something to make them think you are absolutely insane. Or if they’re all up on you on the dance floor, just stop dancing. Stand up straight and stiff as a board.

That’s all the advice I have in this arena. Like I said, I’m bad at this. I usually just hang out in a big gaggle of intimidating girls, or with people who will put the creepy dudes in their place.

Take away: creepy people are people too- in need of love, friendship, and kindness. But you do NOT have to be the one to give them that friendship. They can find that with someone they are not creepy to. Be nice though, have a convo. Unless they cross the line- then scare them away with your friends or by making them think you are very very strange.

To avoid these situations in the first place, “look down, look busy, look pissed.” Though I’d be scared that you might miss making eye contact and smiling at someone you’ll actually like.



What say you?

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