The Infamous Cookie Cakes


So sorry, but this post does not include a recipe for the Infamous Cookie Cake.

It’s a secret recipe, you see?

Back in high school, my girls and I were known for giving our classmates customized cookie cakes for their birthdays (note: there were like 15 people in our class, not 200). Everyone loved the way our cookie cakes- a family recipe – tasted, looked, and made them feel special.

“Will you please make me a cookie cake??”- the request we heard on a daily basis




Note: just buy the mini M&Ms. I know that the big ones are cheaper per oz.. But it takes forever to chop those suckers. Remember, time is money!


Now it’s been a long time since we’ve made these cookie cakes; we’ve done graduated college and all. But evidently the making of these cakes really impacted our high school friends. They think of our cookie cakes with a large sense of sentimentality- in fact, one of the guys is having Chaela make a cookie to be his wedding cake.


PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Note: Hunter is Jewish.


Pure joy on his face!


Needless to say, what with this cookie wedding cake thing, Chaela and I have been awakened to the fact that we need to get back on our cookie making game!

So tonight we baked a cookie cake. And tomorrow we’re shipping it out to Seattle, because our high school friends are grown and moved and all that good stuff.


Cookie cake baked this evening. Chaela and I totally pumped about it.

“Might be a little Rusty, but we still got it!” said Chaela about our newly baked cookie cake. “That sounds like something old people say when they, like, dance or something- haha”

She’s right; we still got it! And I have heard old people say that when they dance!

Boy, is Jon in for a surprise when he receives his cake (unless of course he reads this blog.. which is doubtful I think).

All this to say, I highly encourage you to show your love to others, even when it manifests itself in a slightly weird way. Be the type of adult that’s not always focused on their own self. If you like art, paint your friends pictures. If  you like to write notes, write your loved ones notes. If it keeps you up until 1:30 am the night before you begin your new job, so be it; laugh about how young and carefree that makes you.

You can even steal our tradition and bake your friends cookie cakes. You’ll have to come up with your own recipe though; we ain’t telling you ours.

Expect a cake from us soon.


Ruthie and Chaela


3 thoughts on “The Infamous Cookie Cakes

    • This blog is certainly filled with lots of cake, haha. Chaela and I were looking through pictures to find ones for this post, and we realized that we make a lot of regular cakes too!

      Thanks so much for your support, Crow. Maybe I will make a cake for myself.. I want to try and make a whole grain cookie cake!

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