Abbie is a Potato


Once upon a time,


Abbie was on the volleyball team in high school.

If someone has a jersey and goes to practice but never gets played, they’re still on the team right?

Abbie never ever got played. Well, maybe once.

Chaela, Katelyn, and Ruthie even begged the coach (with much yelling during games) to put their bestie Abbie in, but it still never happened. Silly coach, too focused on winning!

The girls still showed up to every game of Abbie’s and even wrote her a special cheer/song:

*Should be sung to the tune of the B-I-B-L-E song*


Yes that’s the girl for me

She sits on the bench like a po-tay-to


If you have a friend named Abbie, you may borrow this song.. Just give credit where credit is due!


All these people cheering for Abbie


What say you?

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