I Think I Procrastinate So I Always Have Something To Worry About..


I’m one of those procrastinators that hates the way procrastinating feels, but still does it all the time. It’s habit. It’s my punishment for being un-put-together.

There is a legitimate subset of us procrastinators, right? The ones that can’t handle the fact they are procrastinators? Tell me I’m not the only one.

Y’all, I have been in a foul mood today. And yesterday. And probably the last couple of weeks.

Why, you ask? Honestly, it’s probably because I have a lot of things that need to be done for my internship (starting next week), and life in general, that I’ve been letting it pile up.

True, work (I’m a server) has been a bit ridiculous and all.. but I’m pretty sure my grumpiness and downright unagreeableness can be attributed to the growing list of things I should do that I’ve put on the back-burner.

So this evening I started on some of it..

I RSVPed to that wedding. I emailed all of those preceptors. I started using my new email address. I paid the car insurance. I counted my cash tips. I haven’t started reading that handbook yet, but I think it’ll happen..

I honestly feel so much happier.

Ranting to my Mom about how unorganized my job can be didn’t make me feel any better, but organizing my own life a little bit did help.

Now I know that life will never be organized or perfect, by any means (perhaps that’s why I don’t try in the first place..). But I really do think it’s time for me to be a little more proactive about things: RSVP first thing, text back, go ahead and put the laundry away etc.

I’ve taken on the procrastinator role a little to seriously. Michael is a scene kid, Grayson is a hipster, and Ruth is a procrastinator.

But being a procrastinator doesn’t have to define me, or you. If it feels like poop and makes you feel anxious, then stop. Just do the things you know you need to get done!

Now to read that handbook..



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