A Quick Shout-Out to My Peeps


A quick shout out to all my college peeps.

Specifically those of you at Clemson, but I love all you other people too.

Tomorrow is first day of Tiger classes, and I won’t be there. I will not be mooching of the free coffee and granola bars, no sir.

I will be lifting weights at the Y, going to the post office, waiting tables, and pouring beer (not at the same time).

This is very sentimental and weird for me. I have been at Clemson for the last four years- now I am not, so strange!

But I’m so excited for you!

Smile at all your Clemson (or other college) family, enjoy your first day of classes, read your syllabi, and pack a good lunch!

Call me and Chaela later to tell us about it!





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