Punks at Heart


Chaela and I had the privilege of going to a Blink-182/ A Day to Remember concert in Atlanta this past week.


Me and Chaela excitedly driving to Hotlanta.

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of scared we weren’t going to be able to go. I bought the tickets at midnight on what seemed like a kind of  sketchy website…

They said I wouldn’t receive the tickets until like a week before the show. It was kind of weird.. but anyways, I got the tickets, and they haven’t stolen any of my money. So, success!!

Chaela and I don’t look very hard core, but we can head-bang and sing to some a Day to Remember. I want to go to more of their shows. All of their shows? Yes, all of their shows.

Next time, we’ll mosh!


Me and Chaela excited to Mosh next time!


ADTR! Yeah… we were in the nosebleeds. We’re broke, remember?

We could honestly work on our Blink-182 knowledge, but they were great to watch. Their light show was super cool! I must say, those guys are kind of old. Forty year old men shouldn’t wear eye liner.

Not only was the concert awesome, but visiting Bekah in Atlanta was super fun too! We went shopping at Goodwill, and cooked yummy dinner!

I kind of sort of left my keys in Atlanta though. That is the beginning of another story.. I’ll share that one with you tomorrow.

For now, go listen to some scream-o music and let out all your angst! I do it all the time, it’s why I’m so delightful all the time!


3 thoughts on “Punks at Heart

  1. They rock and 40 year olds. shit I am getting old. I mean they are.
    “What’s my age again?” Haha you can ask them LOL They got the answer.

    Mosh On ladies but do not cry when you get bruised haha


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