They’re Here!


My sister Katie and I haven’t lived in the same town since I was 6 years old (and my sister Bobbie and I haven’t lived in the same town since I was, like, 4… I digress). But Katie is moving to this town with her husband and her three kids and her doggy! I get to live in the same town with them for at least one year ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night they stayed here at my parents house. I got home late from work, and all the house lights were off. But I could see their car in the driveway – so exciting!

Katie heard me walk in, got out of bed, and talked to me a bit. That was very pleasant, and quite sweet of her considering she has a two month old kid and just moved down 8 hours from Kentucky; she’s probably sleep deprived!

Early this morning, I got to see my nephews first thing and pour them bowls of cheerios. I really like when I get to pour them cheerios, or make them oatmeal, or apple slices with cheese.

And then we all got to go help them move into their new house. “We all” being my mom and dad, my grandma and grandpa, Autumn and myself. Lifting heavy things isn’t always fun… But lifting heavy things that belong to people you love and moving them to a place close to you is always fun.

Right now we are giving them time to adjust as a family in this new space. Just because they live so close doesn’t mean I should bombard them all the time, I suppose. I am excited to see them much more often though!

Much, much more often.


Me and Autumn are the mighty movers!


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