Miss Joanie’s Maple Grilled Salmon (A.K.A The Time Chaela and I Learned How to Use the Grill)


Chaela’s Mommy, Miss Joanie, had a birthday this past weekend. Chaela, being the sweet daughter she is, wanted to show her love by making her a yummy birthday dinner (one of the best sort of gifts you can give, if you ask me 🙂 ). I had the privilege of helping with the meal!

It was tasty success, and an interesting adventure for sure.


After a little bit of discussion, we decided on salmon as an entree with asparagus and a grain of some sort as sides, and fruit with chocolate drizzle as dessert.

We headed to Fresh Market with a mission. But at the seafood section of the store, we met with a dilemma: farm raised or wild caught salmon?

We kind of just stood there and stared at the salmon for a while… But then the nice older lady in a floral dress came to the rescue!

“Wild-caught raised is better, you know” She said.

“Does it taste better?” replied myself, “I know it’s healthier for you, more omega 3s!”

She assured us that it did taste better, and even gave us advice on how to cook it- on the grill with a sauce of 1/2 maple syrup and 1/2 soy sauce.

Thank you, Nice Older Lady in the Floral Dress!

The sweet woman who weighed out our 1 lb of Atlantic salmon was positive that Chaela and I were singers in a choir of some sort. I found this funny, but I suppose it’s not super pertinent to the story.

We also purchased our asparagus at the Fresh Market, but decided we couldn’t bare to pay their prices for strawberries or chocolate, even though being at Fresh Market makes us feel very sophisticated. We went to Walmart for that stuff. Certain things are just too ridiculous to pay for at Fresh Market, like $8 for 2 cups of strawberries.

Grilling the salmon and asparagus was the next adventure… Neither Chaela nor I had really used the grill before, though it’s something we were both excited to learn! We like to look like girly girls, then impress people with our manly skills like camping, tile laying, and now grilling.

We had to get Mr. Mike to light the grill for us though; fire is scary.

After he lit the grill for us, he let us be. He knew we were big adults that could handle this salmon grilling business.

“So, do we grill with the top open or closed?” said Chaela.

“Hmmm… good question,” says I. “I think we leave it open. That’s what they do in the movies!”

Ten minutes later Mr. Mike came outside to advise us to close the grill so the food would cook. Chaela and I were wondering why it was taking so much longer than expected!

Though we had a few bumps in the road,the end result was great. Miss Joanie loved it, and I recommend all the food items we made: Wild caught salmon grilled with a sauce of soy sauce and pancake syrup, grilled asparagus with olive oil , salt and pepper, brown rice cooked with a chicken bullion cube, and fresh strawberries with semi-sweet and white chocolate drizzle!



2 thoughts on “Miss Joanie’s Maple Grilled Salmon (A.K.A The Time Chaela and I Learned How to Use the Grill)

  1. Looks tasty enough. And lit open or closed does sort of depend on the gill lol and the kind of food you have on top. To funny…

    Thumbs up… Another idea for rice. Put in half a lemon or use pickled lemon while boiling for another kind of flavour.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahaha, you learn something new every day! Thank you so much for the tip about the rice. I usually just eat it unseasoned, and it was hard to think of something special! I’m going to try the lemon idea sometime soon.


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