Doing Charleston Cheap, in a Day


Charleston, South Carolina is already known for it’s Historic sights, beautiful beaches, and wonderful restaurants. You can probably find a travel guides galore about the place, telling you about all the 5 star restaurants and fabulous hotels you must tour, the lovely carriage rides you must take. I, however, am a broke kid who waits tables for a living. This is how my friends (also broke) and I do Charleston for a day: 

We start at Glazed Donuts. Always. 


Taylor, me, Autumn, and Chaela- right outside Glazed, downtown on King Street.

This is a place you might find in one of those fancy guide books- it’s my favorite doughnut shoppe of all time. And I’ve looked around. They have home-made doughnuts, with the menu changing every day. Their most famous doughnut is the Purple Goat, a lavender and goat cheese delight. I have never had the privilege to eat the purple goat, though I have been to Glazed many a time… We didn’t get it this time either. It’s okay though, their other donuts are very good, and THE QUEST FOR THE PURPLE GOAT CONTINUES!

We go walking, people watching and shopping.

Following Glazed, we walk down King Street to all the Shoppes. It might be hot, and it might be Summer. You might get sweaty, but darling, getting sweaty just means you’ll feel even more refreshed when you walk in that gargantuous Forever 21.


Chaela, Autumn, and Katelyn cooling off in Forever 21.

Then we walked down to the pineapple fountain and the Battery- both beautiful. I don’t have many pictures of them, unfortunately. Look those places up in your guide book. I must say that there’s nothing like splashing around in a gorgeous fountain that looks like a pineapple, especially after a long walk. On this walk you can always stop by the Straw Market; we didn’t this time. Crowds are scary.


Chaela and Autumn on the pier near the Pineapple fountain. It’s amazing how Autumn looks like a model when she’s trying to stop me from taking a picture of her.

We eat lunch.

At this point, you’ve probably worked your doughnut off. We certainly had. So we took the nice long walk back up King to a nice, fresh, fair priced restaurant called Black Bean. Taylor recommended it- the benefits of having a local for a friend! They mainly have salads and wraps. My favorite of everyone’s food (yes, I did sample everyone’s wrap..), was the Almost Summer wrap.


My Gouda somethingerother wrap. mmmm.

We go to the beach.

We chose to go to Folly- it’s close, the parking is free, the waves are BIG and fun to jump. Traffic on a Saturday going to Folly is bad- but if you have a friend who is a DJ (shoutout to DJ Mickey, aka Chaela), this drive can be super fun. We used this time to drink lots of water (that we wisely packed in a cooler), and dance like a fools to entertain all the other cars driving in the traffic.

Once you get to Folly, you can pay to park right by the public access OR you can park in front of a beach house for free. We like to go with option two. Not only is it free, but the little side streets make for a perfect private-ish area to change into your bathing suit in the car!


Ruth (me) and Katelyn




After getting a nice tan and catching some waves for a few hours, we’re usually ready for food again…

So, we eat dinner.

There have been times when we’ve hit up restaurants away from downtown and then made our way back home. This time was special though. We got spiffied up for dinner at Taylor’s house (if you don’t have a local friend, the car works), then headed back downtown! We went to another Taylor-recommended restaurant: Mama Kim’s (on King Street). It was so good and cute.


Mama Kim’s!!

We do after dinner things!

We then walked over to Kudos for coffee and beer. Unfortunately, they had closed before their website said they would; so I refuse to give a shout-out to their tasty coffee, craft beer, and wonderful environment!

Instead, we went to get Gelato at some tasty place who’s name I can’t remember (sorry tasty place..).

Then we go home!

Sorry I have no late night, bar, etc. recommendations for you. We usually make day trips, and do not like driving in the dark.

Other awesome and cheap places we’ve been in Charleston:

Ladles (soup and sandwiches)

Fleet Landing (awesome, reasonably priced seafood!)


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