“Love is Keeping The Promise Anyway”


I love the comfortable enduring love that comes with long-term, always-stick-by-your-side friendship. You don’t have to worry about entertaining or impressing your dear buddy- they already know you’re a slightly boring dork. They adore you for it.

It’s the friend that gently calls you out when you’re being a jerk, when you’re making a stupid decision, when your behind is literally hanging out of your shorts. They are the ones that do it not because they feel slighted by you or embarrassed by your actions, but because they love you and want you to grow into a better person.

It’s the friend that you can lovingly call out in return, without fear of them turning on you and hating your guts forever.

Friends like these make your morning cup of coffee last until 1 pm, because you can’t stop talking with them.

You invite them over to help you clean out your sock drawer or take a nap.

You binge watch TV with them.

You pray together.

You go to their parents’ house to eat leftover sausage casserole.

You sing Kesha music loudly in public with them, because somehow their presence brings you a strange confidence and unashamedness in front of the listening world.

Friends like these buy you raspberries, because they know they’re your favorite fruit.

The Lord has so blessed me with many good friends to share life with.

What inspired me to think of friendship, comfortableness, etc. this evening? Well.. I’m sitting here at Katelyn and Abbie’s house drinking tea and writing my post, whilst I listen to Katelyn laughing with her parents and Abbie editing videos for her work.

Little moments like these make life pretty great.


What say you?

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