The One Where The DMV was Actually Fast


Once upon a time,

Ruthie turned 21 years old.

So, she had to do what all Americans do on their 21st birthday- go to the DMV to get her license renewed, of course! I don’t know what else you could be thinking of.

The North Augusta, South Carolina, DMV does not deserve the well-known DMV stereotype of extremely slow service. They are fast, kind, and efficient. Ruthie was quite pleased with her trip there. The wait was so short that she couldn’t finish a whole page of her book (The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. Ruthie highly recommends it.),  and  her new driver’s license photo was so cute! Because of their efficiency, Ruthie was going to have time to go back home and eat some lunch before work!

Ruthie carried her book, new license, and purse to her beautiful car in the DMV parking lot, admiring her cute new license all the way. She plopped down in the seat, started blasting All Time Low, and prepared to drive away.

Hey… where’s my license..” Ruthie thought to herself. “Oh well, it probably fell on the floor.”

AAANNDDD she sped off.

—– 35 minutes later—-

Ruthie is flipping her crap.

She can’t find her brand new license.

She has enlisted her poor mother to help her look for it. Still no luck.

She wasn’t expecting to clean her car out today, but sometimes the unexpected happens.

—– 20 minutes later —-

Ruthie’s mommy has driven her BACK to the North Augusta DMV.

They looked in the parking lot, the bushes, under lots of other peoples’ cars, the lobby… No luck. Soooo, Ruth had to get a brand new license. She talked to the same sweet receptionist, got a new brand new photo taken, was empathized with by all the employees and other DMV customers.. It only took them 15 minutes to hand Ruthie her second brand new license of the day. She held it in her hand, took a deep breath, and tried to believe everything would be okay. She would still make it to work on time- hungry… but on time.

“Hey! Are you Ruth??” asked a random guy at the DMV. “I tried to find you on Facebook. I found this license in the parking lot!”

— 25 minutes later—

Ruthie is back home with her brand new OLD license and refunded 25 dollars from her brand new NEW license. The North Augusta DMV probably had to shred that thing. I’m not an omniscient third person writer… so I’m not positive.

Though she is a little bit sad and hysterical, she is excited to tell everyone about her interesting morning.

She shoved some cabbage soup down her face, and prepared to leave for work.

Hey…. Where are my keys?…” Ruthie thought to herself.


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