College is Hard, Ice Cream is Good


I’m not typically a self-conscious individual, but tonight I was pretty embarrassed.

You see, every time I go to BI-LO late at night to purchase my triweekly half-gallon of ice cream, the same cashier is working!

It’s like we’re best friends now. He, the poor guy who works the third shift every night at Bi-Lo- and me, the future dietitian who purchases and consumes a half gallon of cookie dough ice cream every night. We’re just the type of best friends that make eye-contact, nod shamefully, and say “hey… heh heh..”

Though our relationship be awkward, I think me and this cashier will be seeing a lot of each other until graduation. College is hard, ice cream is good, and BI-LO has the best!


4 thoughts on “College is Hard, Ice Cream is Good

  1. Anonymous

    Right you are- college is hard and ice cream is most definitely good. You are not alone with the guilty pleasures of cookie dough flavor. If it gets you through the semesters, then dig in! It probably makes the cashier’s night to see a regular too, hehe


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