You know, life’s what you make it. I sure do hope that you, my friend, are making it rock.

Even a mundane Sunday evening after 25 hours of work on the weekend can be fun!

Setting the scene:

*Autumn gets home at 12:30 am from salad bar shift at restaurant of employment that shall remain unnamed*

*Chaela and Ruth sit in the living room in pajamas watching Friends*

Autumn: “I’m going to bed. Ugh work. Ugh Ugh Ugh.”

*Ruth vigorously nods head in agreement*

Autumn: “Expletive! Expletive, Ruth!! We need to pay rent!!!” (The rent place is closed on the weekends, so Ruth and Autumn pay whenever they desire on weekends rent is due.)

*Ruth, Chaela, and Autumn run and jump in Autumn’s car to go drop their rent off

You wouldn’t think a drive to pay rent in the middle of the night could be fun, but it was. I wore my goldfish shoes. We sang songs. It was great.

I didn’t even bring my wallet, keys or phone. (I wasn’t being illegal, Autumn drove).

We decided to make it even more fun by going to BI-LO to get ice cream, frozen Chinese food, and pancakes. But sadly, the ice cream would melt. You see, when Autumn, Chaela and I returned to the apartment, we realized we had no key to get inside.


Fortunately our sweet roommate Elizabeth, who was house-sitting in the next county, agreed to meet us at the sketchy empty Food Lion parking lot at 1:30 am to do a key exchange. Boy, she must love us.

So I tell you, if your nights are boring, put off paying your rent to the very last minute and leave your house keys lying on the counter when you go to pay it. This will add more “pizaz” to your life.



What say you?

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