This Fox Says…



People do weird things late at night.

We all remember that time when Autumn felt the urge to hang upside-down on the couch, whilst wearing a dress and sneakers and eating popcorn. Well she had a similar urge tonight. She really wanted to paint my face like a fox. I think these strange desires might happen when she’s procrastinating from homework or studying for a test.

Am I a bad friend for encouraging these weird, late-night procrastinating urges? I think not. They’re super fun! You wouldn’t believe how excited she got when I said “yes”. Y’all, she was hysterically laughing out of joy. Part of being a good friend is bringing joy, am I right?

So, tonight I let Autumn paint my face like a fox- a very foxy fox might I add. It felt a bit weird; we totally used acrylic paint, and I don’t think that’s meant for faces. She did a really great job, though. I look pretty darn cute.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my face is itchy and I must wash it.




What say you?

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