The Egg-Incident


Once upon a time,

Ruthie was making her Thursday, 12:30 pm commute from her Clemson classes to her Greenville externship.

This commute is always a very active one, as Ruthie has to change from her Pilates instructor clothing into her business casual clothes whilst eating her lunch and speeding like a maniac (Ruthie is a very responsible driver, I promise. Please to not imitate her driving practices though…).

Now on this particular Thursday, Ruthie had decided to be as much 0f a non-hypocrite with her lunch as she could. You see, Ruthie is a nutrition major, and part of that Greenville externship includes teaching folks about eating healthy even with a busy lifestyle. So, Ruthie brought a veggie/cheese sandwich, and a boiled egg. I would have described it as a “hard” boiled egg; but unfortunately, this egg was not hard-boiled as Ruthie intended. You will hear more about this dilemma later on in this interesting story.

Ruthie started with the sandwich, because immediate satisfaction is what a girl wants on a hungry Thursday. The sandwich eating was quick though, and next was that yummy, protein-filled egg.

Now I am not sure if you’ve ever peeled an egg whilst driving, but it is not the easiest task.  Ruthie started by putting it in the Tupperware container and shake, shake, shaking it around.

Alas, no cracks in the egg were found.

She then proceeded to try cracking the egg on various parts of the car: the window, the steering wheel, the seat belt buckle… but none of these methods were working for her either.

Finally, she decided she was just going to squeeze the egg until it cracked. It was hard-boiled after all.

She squeezed. It popped. Runny, yellow yolk got all over Ruthie’s hands, face, steering wheel, and yoga pants.

Ruthie laughed like a crazy nut, licked her yellow fingers, and proceeded to peel her egg.

Do you know how hard it is to peel a soft-boiled egg that is broken in half, whilst driving like a maniac? Not to easy. You should try it.

Ruth was successful in peeling and eating her egg without consuming too much shell, because she is a talented individual. Though the egg-incident was awful messy, Ruth felt very good about not being a hypocrite in her food choices that day. And man, was she glad she chose to eat her lunch before changing into business casual!

Thanks for reading this story about a girl eating an egg. Believe it or not, this occasion had quite an impact on the life of Ruthie.

Remember: always eat in yoga pants.




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