The Kellfish


Valentine’s weekend, while a fun-filled time for most couples and friends of America, is hell for the restaurant industry (excuse my French, but there is no other way to describe the madness).

There is no other person I’d follow into this crazy thirty-hour work weekend, than my manager Kelly (A.K.A Kellfish). He exhibits all the qualities of leadership that make all us Ruby employees look up to him and do whatever he deems best for us to do.

He works harder and pushes himself more than all of us- the first to arrive and the last to leave, the one who knows how to do all the jobs. He puts the guests first always- unless they are treating you, his employee, wrongfully. In which case he politely deals with them himself, and gets you out of the situation. He keeps a good attitude, singing loudly and off-key in our kitchen- typically songs from the 70s.

He always helps. He always makes sure we are okay.

This weekend, he made sure we all had something to eat and a chance to have a minute or two to ourselves. Now I am wondering if he had that same opportunity himself.

I know he was there until at least 3:00 am on Sunday, cutting up salmon and portioning ribs on Valentine’s night.

You managers and bosses out there, take note: be like Kelly, and lead by example. Trust your employees, until proven untrustworthy. Know the most about how your business runs and of all the jobs within it.

You will earn all the respect of little peons like myself, and they will perform to their highest capacity. Think of how much better environment your work-place will be, and of how much more money you will earn!

This is all for business Tuesday.

Until next time,


CEO of Ruthie Rambles







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