Cheap-o Spa Day



This meme (this would be considered a “meme”, correct?) was inspired by a very similar meme Autumn found online today. This meme said “broke AF” though, and I wasn’t feeling like posting something like that, as the “F” part of “AF” is kind of vulgar.

The dudes in the trendy, gone viral photo are wearing snorkles, hats, and other cool things; however, as I’m holding a Louis Sachar book (Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger, I believe), I think we’re just as cool and hip as they are.

We also are broke and enjoy time spent in the luxury of our own tubs. Not only are we our own spa people, but sometimes we do other tasks that reduce our outside expenses. For instance, tonight I was Autumn’s Chiropractor, Katelyn is a life coach and advisor to us all, Chaela keeps our house clean, and Autumn cooks us yummy pastries!

Its pretty great having talented friends and being so competent myself!

Happy spa days y’all. Enjoy yourself some Louis Sachar.



2 thoughts on “Cheap-o Spa Day

  1. Now that I have that brand-new beautiful tub, I could have a nice spa day, too. Only problem is that once I got into that tub, I’d probably never be able to get out again. Could be embarrassing if I had to call for help.


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