Miss Hipster Beauty Queen America


I am by no means a figure for fashion. My favorite clothing item to wear is a dress, because there is no matching involved; I don’t have to go around figuring which shorts go with which shirt- BOOM! Dress. Brown sandals. Done.

However, there is one piece of fashion advice I very much believe in: shoes. Shoes make the outfit.

This was taught to me by one of my very best friends, Chaela, who is in fact a figure for fashion.

Let me give you the example of my outfit today:


Sloppy and comfortable: slippers, holey/baggy jeans, big cardigan, no make-up and wearing glasses.



Miss Hipster Beauty Queen America: same outfit, same no make-up or jewelry, but somehow I’ve transformed into a stunning, ready-to-take-the-town, hipster creature! It’s the shoes, I tell you (and definitely not the fact that I changed my camera settings and used photoshop *cough*).

Unfortunately, it works both ways; you can put on your contacts and your face, wear jewelry and a great dress, even pluck your eyebrows, but if you have to wear your non-slip work shoes… your look is going to be lacking.


Yep. Something’s awful fishy about those shoes..

I know y’all can jazz up your lazy day outfits with some cute shoes too! I’d love to see the results; perhaps you can steal my Miss Hipster Beauty Queen America title.

I’d also love to see if this fashion trick works for guys!

Anyways, I hope y’all enjoyed my first (and very possibly last) fashion blog. If Chaela gives me any more great advice, I’ll share. Or maybe just encourage her to make a fashion blog herself!

Happy Fashion-Friday!






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