Snow Day in Greenville


You may not know it if you live up north, but when there is a snow day in a southern state like South Carolina, everything shuts down.. Like all the bread and milk off the shelf at the grocery stores and nobody going into work sort of shut down.

Now it has been a tradition of mine to post about my snow days when they happen.. Mainly because I end up at the house bored and doing nothing!

Snow day 2014

Snow day 2015

and now snow day 2016!

I got snowed in up here in Greenville, SC- not a bad place to be! We had a breakfast of eggs, grilled cheese, bacon and cresent rolls (forget for a second that I’m a nutrition student please?), really the perfect breakfast for a snow day! Then Vilai, Justin and I walked in the cold cold cold to downtown. Our favorite coffee shop wasn’t open, unfortunately, but Underground Coffee pulled through for us. They were so nice and gave us free coffees. Then we walked back home and watched Netflix.

Also, I online shopped a lot!

Yes, today has been a true, lazy, South Carolinian snow day.

But hey, it’s tradition!



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