Interview with Myself (Ruth Ann, the Now-Adult)


By Abbie Photography


Our subject, Ruth Ann, a senior dietetics student, Pilates instructor, and table server who now makes her own car payments. Yes, she even does her own taxes. Photocreds to By Abbie Photography

Q.  Ruth Ann, I hear that you consider yourself an adult now. Tell us, is that True?

A. Well Yes, actually. My qualification for adulthood has always been paying one’s own taxes. As I did my own taxes in March last year, I suppose that was the moment I became an adult- I mean, a kind of poor adult, but an adult.

Q. Hmmm, interesting. So as an adult, are you all done with all the fun activities of your younger days? Playing sock-hockey, cooking ribeye steaks at midnight, dressing up like Kesha, and running around your local Walmart?

A. Ohhh no, I still do all those sorts of things. In fact, just this past month my friends Chaela, Autumn, and I drove 11 hours to Washington D.C. stayed there for 7 hours, and immediately drove 11 hours back. We are young, wild and free, my dear interviewer. I do recognize that as I will become a professional, and hopefully a dietitian, in the near future, I should learn to keep my professional life and my personal fun-wild-free life separate… I plan on playing sock hockey until the day my knees give out though, I hope you know that.


Q. So you do think it is necessary for you to appear professional and non-wild in some settings?

A. Well yes, I sure do. I’ve been to school for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics for four years now; I’ve learned important techniques and information that can help lots of people. What you put  good things into your body (and minimizing some certain not so good things) is such a crucial part of a happy life and of disease prevention. If I am not confident in my recommendations and professional in my actions, how can I expect anyone to listen to me? How could I help people improve their lives?

Q. But wouldn’t having a blog like this one be considered awful unprofessional? I mean, you are awful silly and slightly more personal than a professional would be. Do you plan on deleting this blog in May when you graduate?

A. No Ruthie, I don’t plan on deleting this blog in May. Although this blog would certainly be unprofessional to present to clients, I think it might help keep me down to earth and keep track of the fun things I’m doing! Will I be able to write anything involving my clients or co-workers? No. Will I attach my full name to anything I publish here? No. But I think having a lifestyle blog ,like this, out there will help people understand that you don’t really have to have everything together to be a responsible person. You don’t have to give up baking cookie-cakes for your high school friends’ birthdays;  you don’t have to stop wearing floral patterned pants. I am a human, just like everyone else. I want this blog to exist so no one gets the false impression that I’ve somehow stopped having fears, feelings and adventures.

Q. Glad to know you’ll be sticking with us, Ruth Ann. What will your next step be?

A. Well Ruthie, I graduate in May, am applying for Dietetic Internships in February, and will know if I get into one in April. Next fall I could be in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky or here in South Carolina. If I don’t get into a DI, perhaps I’ll stick with the Ruby Tuesday corporation, or become a pre-school teacher. But I promise you this, no matter what, I won’t stop playing sock hockey and winning at 2048.

Q. Good to know, Ruth-Ann, wishing you the best.

A. Thanks Ruthie, we’ll do this together.


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