Chaela the House Elf


You know how there are some house guests out there that are just stressful to have around? Sure, perhaps they’re good company, but having them in your space is just not good for your mojo. You have to keep the house nice for them, feed them, entertain them etc.

Well my girl Chaela, is the exact opposite of that (except for she certainly is good company!). Chaela comes over, brings us donuts, washes our dishes, and organizes everything! Today, I came home from work, and she had cleaned my toilet and sink, my mildewy, nasty sink! Life has been pretty hard lately with a couple jobs plus school, but my goodness Chaela is a stress reliever!

It’s not like her life is easy either! She also works and does school. She is super-woman I tell you! Super-woman as well as a house elf.

Don’t think just because she cleans our house for us that Chaela is a pushover. Oh no, Chaela is also our life coach! She forces us to do our homework when things get rough.

Basically, Chaela is awesome. She touched my toilet today, and I just had to say thank you.


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