Kesha and I Must Be Soul-Sisters


You are probably wondering what the heck this featured photo and my sisterhood with the popular sexy-music artist, Kesha, have in common. I totally understand your confusion. Please let me explain.

Our apartment is full of beautiful paintings, produced by my roommates and myself. What else could a bunch of college girls afford to hang on their walls? Our favorite thing to paint is animals, because they’re adorable, and also because the apartment allows us no pets… This is as close as we’re going to get to snuggling a fluffy bunny, folks!

On the left you see a painting done by yours truly, Ruthie. It’s of a pig in a life-preserve with a frog on its head and a fish is jumping out of the water because he is oh-so-jealous of the frog. The idea was completely original, believe it or not.On the right you see a lovely painting by Autumn; it’s of a Puffin.

*Flash-forward to this afternoon*

Chaela and Bekah arrive at our apartment, because the popular sexy-music artist, Kesha, is having a concert in Clemson and those two are going to be there! Bekah, who has a graphic-design degree, sees Ruth’s (my) beautiful pig-painting hanging on the wall.

Whoa…what a lovely painting,

She thought to herself. Or at least, I assume she did. Because what else could she have thought about it, right?

*Flash-forward to tonight at 9:00 pm*

Chaela and Bekah are at the Kesha concert, three back-up dancers come out on stage: one dressed as a dog, one as a chicken, one as a rabbit.

“Hey look! It’s Ruthie’s painting!” exclaimed Bekah.

And that, my friends,  is why Kesha and I are soul-sisters. We both have trippy-creative thoughts about animals!!

… though I can’t say that the party doesn’t start ’till I walk in. It probably starts way before then if we’re being honest.

If you want further evidence that Kesha and I are soul-sisters, check this out:


I know you think that girl on the left is Kesha.. But it’s actually me back in high school.

I also like glitter and beards.


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