Musky Dines


Once upon a time,

Autumn and Ruth were at the grocery store buying strange snacks to bring to a board game party (they’re pretty cool, I know). So far they had picked up Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese Lay’s, sweet potato chips, and the Reese’s Chips Ahoy. Autumn was off looking in the frozen desserts section, and Ruth was left to herself.

She went to the produce section, like the nutritionist she is, and found herself staring at these boxes of golden and purple grapelike fruits — Muscadines..

Ruth had heard of Muscadines before; they are grown right in her area of South Carolina after all. But she never had one, and they were calling to her just a little bit as she stared at them mesmerized. It was hard for her to feel like a true Carolina girl without having tried this fruit!

“Hello ma’am! Can I help you?” asked the adorable little brunette manager in her cute polka-dot cardigan.

“Sure! Have you ever had a muscadine? Are they good??” inquired Ruth.

“You’ve never had one?? Get a box. They’re great” said the manager-lady turning around and heading back to help other customers.

“…Do you know how to eat a muscadine?” the cute manager woman asked turning her head back to look at Ruth.

“Well.. no.. Is there a special way?”

“Here! We’ll do it together!” exclaimed the lady as she rushed back and popped open a box of golden muscadines.

Ruth and manager-lady faced each other, both holding a golden muscadine.

“Okay, so what I do is I peel a bit of skin off..”

They both did.

“and then I suck the yummy inside out!”

They both did, making a funny sight in the middle of the produce section.

The golden muscadine was pretty okay tasting. Not superb, but okay, Ruth spit out the seeds into her hand and thanked the manager-lady for showing her the proper way to eat muscadines.

A perplexed BI-LO employee walked up.

“Did you tell her to eat muscadines without the skin?? The skin is the most fun part!!”

“What? You eat the skin. How weird.” she retorted.

“No! It’s the most fun!”

Manager lady then proceeded to ask multiple shoppers how they ate their “musky dines”.

“Do you eat your musky dines with the skin still on???”


Ruth laughed as the manager and the employee continued to argue about how to properly eat a muscadine.

“Hey, which is better? The golden or the purple?” she asked.

“Oh. I like the purple better” replied the BI-LO employee.

So Ruth bought a box, even though they weren’t so good, because how could she not? The cute manager-lady had sacrificed so much time on her!

They weren’t so much of a hit at the board game party… But Ruth has found she really enjoys the purple muscadines.

She has also found she likes to eat them with the skins still on, but perhaps we shouldn’t tell manager-lady that…


2 thoughts on “Musky Dines

    • Thank you! I think they’re only in season for a very short period of time and are difficult to transport- they’re a lot like grapes, but have a way thicker bitter skin 🙂 Quite delicious! You should come to SC in mid-September one day and try some!

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