Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (An Expensive Machine Called Me Fat)


I like to think of myself as fit and healthy.

I’ll admit it that a lot of times I think I’m pretty hot stuff.

You can tell I’m quite vain by how my blog is named after myself and by the pictures of me that are everywhere on it. So it really hurt my ego when this cool machine told me I needed to lose 5 lbs of fat and gain 0.2 lbs of muscle.

Who is it to tell me what to do??

But I guess I should do it… I mean this bioelectrical impedance machine is pretty darn accurate. It’s a $12,500 machine from what I understand, and this one tested the body fat in both the upper and lower body. It even told me my muscle mass for each individual arm and leg. Pretty neat huh?

You know somethings cool and fancy when you have to take off your shoes to use it.

So how am I going to attain this goal by next semester when we use the machine again?

I am first going to stop being so vain and worrying about things like my weight, because a healthy mindset leads to a healthy body.

I will also begin attending weight lifting classes once a week, and  will stop eating ice cream for dinner late at night when I get off work. If we’re being real, these last two will probably get me the closest to my goals… but having a better outlook on life never hurt anybody!


What say you?

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