Here We Go Again


It’s happening guys.. The school year is starting, my senior year. I’m taking 16 hours worth of classes (very interesting, foodie hours) and working about 30 hours a week.

Can I handle it?

Or will I crash and burn under all the pressure?

Stay tuned to find out…on Ruthie Rambles.

Not to ruin the ending or anything, but I’m pretty positive I’ll be okay.– My classes rock. Serving tables is fun. Vilai lives way closer to me than he has the past two years,  which is so wonderful.

Besides difficult times make people stronger, am I right?

And I tell you what, I want to be strong! I am a Pilates instructor after all, the toughest of the tough.

Let’s all persevere together, friends. It can be a rugged life sometimes, but it’s also great and a gift. So we can keep on writing about it.


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