Freshmen Stampede


Today we tried to do a good, loving, and serving activity; I’m afraid it didn’t work out too well though.

Chaela and I woke up early this morning and walked over to Clemson’s campus to help out with Freshman move-in. Clemson is known for having a great freshman move-in experience. Sure, lots of students are flooding into our small town and probably have to wait in line for hours, but when they finally reach their dorm destination they are met with the SMILING faces and helpful hands of the move-in volunteers.

When I was nervous little freshman moving into my dorm, I felt so welcomed and comforted because so many older students helped me carry my stuff up to my dorm on the 9th floor. Little actions can mean a big deal. Chaela and I wanted to pass on the love today.

The love was kinda hard to pass though. As crazy as this sounds, there were just so many volunteers that it was hard to find stuff to do. A car would pull up to a dorm and 1 millisecond later be rushed by helpful students, like a pack of butterflies to a really bright flower.

We spent about an hour walking from dorm to dorm trying to figure out where we’d be useful. The answer seemed to be nowhere… but you know what? We smiled at some freshmen and carried a good amount of boxes. It’s the little things.

I wish I had a picture to share of our fun experience, but alas, I do not. We almost got a picture with President Clements (the president of Clemson), but I was just too nervous and awkward to ask.. He did shake my hand and ask if I was ready for the school year though! Hmm.. what a good way to start the school year!


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