Aunt Poogle’s Potty Conundrum


Warning: this one contains potty words.

We were in Kentucky this weekend, Autumn and I, Visiting my sister and the family. We had a really great time exploring, playing at dinosaur parks, meeting their friends, apple picking, and swimming. After all these activities of fun family togetherness, Autumn and I thought it’d be nice to babysit the kids so that my sister and her husband could go on a date.

And nice it was.

We baked home-made pizza (mmm.. fresh mozzarella and basil!). We played with adorable little kittens at the neighbor’s house whilst the pizza cooled off (can’t burn little tongues!). We sat down and prayed over our pizza meal. It tasted so good.

But as my nephew Tiny was finishing his pizza, he said “Oh, excuse me. I have to go potty. I’ll be right back!”

Now this was extremely wonderful and cute, because Tiny is 2.. but as we sat there and waited, we heard no sounds of Tiny going tinkle.

“That doesn’t sound like pee, Aunt Poogle…” teased Autumn. “You’re going to have to clean it up!”

So I walked back towards the potty area.. “Tiny, are you okay?”





You see, my nephew’s have a rule about certain potty words: you can only use them in the bathrooms. After all, a lot of words are only appropriate at certain places in certain times. What this means is that my nephews like to use all their potty words when they go to the bathroom. It makes it hard for immature Aunt Poogle not to laugh…

So Tiny was sitting on his little-kid-toilet thing looking pretty delighted.

“Well hey buddy! Are you going potty?” I asked cheerfully, because no matter how much you’re thinking ‘aww man, I got poop duty!’, you can never act sad that a kid is pooping. You could break his little heart and cause him major self-doubt and possibly constipation.

“Yeah! I’m almost done!!” proclaimed Tiny proudly.

“Awesome!… uhh.. do you need help?” said I, Aunt Poogle, who did not know the level of help 2 year olds need with the potty. All I remembered was that I got my mom to wipe my behind after a poo until the ripe ol’ age of 4 (mostly because it was fun to yell, “MOMMY! Come wipe my butt!!!” across the house.)

Tiny did in fact need help wiping, which was pretty easy. Kids are cute for a reason, and this one is VERY cute.

We washed our hands.

We searched for underwear (his others didn’t quite make it 😦 ) , and we settled for a night-time pull-up.

I saved the kiddy-toilet poop clean up ’till the end, because you save the best for last..

It wasn’t too bad really. It was a plop into the toilet, a throw it all in the shower, a scouring powder everything, a spray it down, and a dry it off.

I’m sure this story is not a real conundrum for most of you who are parents, because I’m sure your kids poop about everyday.. But hey, I’m still in training, and cleaning up after a kid’s potty mess is still a pretty blog-worthy thing to me! 🙂


What say you?

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