Let’s Just Say It Involves The Police


Once Upon a time (*cough* yesterday *cough*),

Autumn and Ruth took a lovely stroll around a university that shall remain unnamed.They walked; they talked; they tried locked doors, and altogether had a glorious time on that empty summer campus. But on the way back to the parking lot, they saw something mighty suspicious…

A girl, who looked to be in her twenties, was trying to open the hatch of Autumn’s car, Oliver.

Now, Autumn and Ruth have both had those “oops I accidently  tried to open this vehicle, but it’s not actually mine” moments, but this girl seemed excessively freaked out when she saw Autumn and Ruth walking her way. She quickly moved towards her boyfriend who was about twenty yards away and up to some suspicious activity himself.

He was hunched down and situated between two cars, one of which was quite nice and sporty looking. He had both of the cars’ doors open and appeared to be doing something in the driver’s side of the sporty one.

“They could have car troubles” Ruth thought to herself “Or they could be, you know, Hotwiring it!

Autumn and Ruth walked with haste to Oliver, Ruth with her head down and Autumn observing everything, and they drove away.

“Should we call someone?” they debated.

“That was super sketch.”

After a few minutes, Autumn handed Ruth the phone with the university police number on it.

“Call if you think you should,” said Autumn, who has a strong sense of justice but is scared of making phone calls.

“Eh. Okay. What the heck,” said Ruth, whose sense of civic responsibility is rather small, but who also talks on the phone quite frequently.

She dialed.

As she awkwardly tried to explain the suspicious activity they observed using a lot more “ums” than necessary, Ruth heard the lady on the other line talking to someone else.

“Hold on, I think we have a witness to the theft on the phone!”

Next thing Autumn and Ruth knew, they were back at the college explaining to an officer everything they had seen. The officer took their heights, weights, hair and eye colors, addresses and phone numbers.

Turned out the car was stolen and then abandon, thieves unfound.

The description of the car takey people and their vehicle will not be disclosed, so that you don’t start suspecting your BFF Jill of being a car thief. (“OMG. Suzie has a tye dye shirt too… I’ve seen it.)

Autumn and Ruth drove home a bit later than expected that night, but they still made it to Panera before closing, and that’s all that matters.

They have still not been called to do a line-up, but Autumn and Ruth think that’s a good thing considering they probably wouldn’t recognize the law breakers anyways.


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