Banana Chocolate Cake


The other day I came to an important conclusion: we have too much flour, powdered sugar, and Baker’s Joy cooking spray.

Just too much, y’all!

So what better way to fix that than to bake a cake?

And might as well paint a duck on it too, because you have too much food coloring!

This time around I made a chocolate cake with banana frosting and sliced bananas between the layers (yum.yum.yum.).

I used the cake recipe from NelliBellie’s website, and the banana frosting recipe from, because I didn’t have enough chocolate or bananas to make an entirely chocolate or banana cake.

This combo was so good. Rich chocolate cake with a good crumb, and sweet banana frosting (use yourself a realllly ripe banana).

Try this out and tell me how it goes!

I brought mine to a musical gathering at The Farm, and it was a fairly big hit. (at least for a hot summer night)


What say you?

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