What This Girl Does With a Night To Herself


Today both Katelyn and Autumn went back home, leaving me alone at the apartment.

So, what did I do with my evening after work?

Well organize the spice cabinet of course!

I’m not lonely.. I promise…

Seriously guys, you know what the spice cabinet of a bunch of college girls who all buy their own food looks like? A mess. A big mess.

We had 3 containers of chili powder, 4 containers of oregano, 5 jugs of vegetable oil (yes, we keep vegetable oil in the spice cabinet.) Don’t get me started on the amount of meat rub we had in there.

It’s oh so much better now that I got my organizing little hands on it and consolidated everything, but still… The amount of flour, baking powder, and various sugar we have really makes me want to bake a cake (want a cake anyone??).

I didn’t spend all my time organizing of course; that would be preposterous. I also vacuumed, read my book, showered, took selfies for this blog post, and wrote this blog post.



Yeah. I’m productive.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to the condiments section of the refrigerator…


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