Anxiety Penguins


I live in an apartment filled with penguins.

Yes, my roommates are in fact part of the bird community. Don’t think I’m rude in saying this; they know it’s true. I’m a penguin myself, if we’re being honest here.

We are an apartment full of anxiety penguins, awkwardly waddling through life and scared of the outside world.

What makes me say this?… Have ya’ll ever heard of the “socially awkward penguin” meme? Well all three of us relate to it- intensely relate to it.

8c2726d7f0b3c562b1e356a445812a99 924c1387015292d2ab6618269c916cd1 ba8ba9c672bb598d2ec537e21dbc4760 socially-awkward-penguin_gp_293691 a97474f818b0b5356ffb6045e882f806

I hope ya’ll enjoyed these. If so, perhaps you’re a penguin as well πŸ™‚



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